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Automatic Electric Free Wild Game Waterer Feeder

Over 25 Years of Successfully Watering Animals. The wild game waterer feeder is a an important addition to  any wild game operation.


Deer Wild Game Water Feeder

Deer Drinking Video

Game Animals are great recipients for using the Wild Game Water Feeder manufactured by Bar-Bar-A.  Deer, elk, and bison, all can enjoy the fresh water and easy access. Fresh, clean, water is just as important for game animal’s overall good heath, as it is for other livestock.  


Game animals are used to drinking from streams and rivers.  Moving water is a part of their natural habitat.   The Bar-Bar-A bison waterer does not leave standing water to collect algae, freeze in the winter, or get hot in the summer.  Because the water automatically drains away after drinking – the water is in constant motion.  It is either filling or draining.  While the unit is filling or draining, the moving water will let your animals drink in a fashion familiar to their environment. 

Game animals learn quickly to use the Bar-Bar-A.  For those needing additional help the Bar-Bar-A deer water trough can be set to training mode.  In this mode the unit can be temporarily made to stop drainage of the remaining water.  This means water will be in the bowl when your game animals approach, for them to smell and entice them to push the paddle.  After learning how to use the unit, it may be set back to draining mode. 

If you have been used to using electricity to heat drinking water, your animals will notice the difference.   Animals are very sensitive to electrical currents and can feel a current that is unnoticeable to humans.  In addition to benefiting from a non-electric deer waterer you will appreciate the convenience of watering automatically rather than the manual chores previously required every day.

See how the Wild Game Water Feeder works

When the lights go out Bar-Bar-A is still at work. Installation of the Wild Game Water Feeder is uncomplicated and personal help is always a phone call away.  


Wild Game Water Feeder Units

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Here’s what customers are saying:

It took my Bison no time at all to figure the new Bar-Bar-A buffalo waterers out. They immediately refused their standing watering tank and went directly to the Bar-Bar-A and started drinking.  I would not believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes.

Jeff – Nevada

Just a quick note to let you know how much we appreciate the 3 drinkers we installed in our pastures a little over a year ago.  Our farm service agent was at first skeptical as to how and whether they would work.  So glad we insisted and purchased your product.  No electricity to run and carefree use  Our animals prefer the drinker and  often wait until turnout time to use the drinkers rather than the barn buckets!   I wanted to wait to write until the drinkers were tested through a New Jersey winter and summer and they performed as you describe.  Now we are so spoiled using them, we anticipate purchasing a couple more in the near future for stall use.     

Eloise – New Jersey

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