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Keeping llamas and alpacas properly hydrated was never easier than with the Bar-Bar-A llama waterer drinker and alpaca waterer drinker.  Most animals learn quickly to push the Bar-Bar-A paddle system. For those that may need extra help the unit can be temporarily switched to training mode.  Training mode makes it so that no water drains from the unit (this is a spring, summer and fall option).  When the animal approaches the automatic waterer drinker they can smell and see the water and try to reach the water.  Pushing their nose into the bowl to explore depresses the paddle, activates the unit, and consequently fills the bowl with water. 

After a few days the unit can be switched back to drain mode and the water will drain away after each drink.  With this option animals learn quickly; and with no worries about providing water in the winter or cleaning algae in the summer, your free time will increase significantly.  All this…. and with no electricity for heating your animal’s drinking water.

Healthy Llamas and Alpacas

Llamas and Alpacas forage on non-grass herbs and local grasses.  They can be pesky when it comes to feeding on shrubs, trees, and will even enjoy your garden flowers and vines at your expense.  Make sure your animal is not overfeeding.  This can be a real problem and lead to fat llamas and alpacas.  Overfeeding creates lack of ambition in the animal and lessens performance in the packing season. 

Lamas and alpacas are modified ruminants, which means the digestive system is much more efficient in the digestive process than horses, cattle, and sheep.  Their stomachs differ from cows and sheep in that they have 3 chambers in their stomach rather than 4.  Like cattle and sheep they also chew a cud.

Water is extremely important for modified ruminants. A lack of water decreases the efficiency in the 3 chambers within the stomach and can lead to ulcers and other sicknesses.  The Bar-Bar-A llama and alpaca waterer is a great tool in helping keep your animals hydrated and content.

Built To Last for warm or cold climates your animals will notice the difference and so will you. With 4 Models to choose from you can customize your units to fit your situation.

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Installation automatic waterers– is uncomplicated and personal help is always a phone call away.
When the lights go out Bar-Bar-A is still at work.

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Here’s what customers are saying:

We now have 18 llamas on the unit.  Most of them learned it by watching the 3 guys we trained earlier.  Llama see-llama do!

Margaret – Canada

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With 4 Models of Llama Waterer Drinker and Alpaca Waterer Drinker to choose from you can customize your units to fit your situation.