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Decreased water consumption results in beef cattle that do not add pounds as fast as hydrated cattle. Dehydration or inadequate water consumption in dairy cows or cows with calves reduces milk production.  Water is paramount to both situations. Overall health is also affected by proper water intake.

Whether you are located in California or Minnesota the Bar-Bar-A automatic watering tank, with its non-electric benefit, will fill your needs.  At a pleasing water temperature year round your cattle will drink more water and you will not need to worry and work with the algae build up that accompanies water tanks and other automatic cow troughs.

Sickness in Cattle


Cattle Waterer Drinker

Cattle that are healthy as a result of good nutrition and proper water consumption tend to avoid disease and sickness.  Proper minerals and proper water consumption are required for a healthy immune system.  The ability for cattle to absorb minerals and nutrients is greatly enhanced with proper hydration. Sickness and disease are not encouraged with good water nutrition.  In the winter stress is especially hard on the system in the cold temperatures.  Without adequate water levels in the body, cattle are at a disadvantage in just about every way.  With the Bar-Bar-A cattle waterer our top priority is to help you keep your cattle’s water consumption at proper levels.

You may choose from 4 Models to accommodate your specific situation.  Built To Last for warm or cold climates your cattle will be watered in a manner that will take less of your time and provide the proper amount and quality of water your cattle need to be healthy.

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Installation automatic waterers– is uncomplicated and personal help is always a phone call away.
When the lights go out Bar-Bar-A is still at work.

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Here’s what customers are saying:

When we put the cattle waterer drinkers in I had my doubts whether it would work in our severe climate. It has worked perfect. I have 25 calves that use it and the time saving is tremendous. I have been looking for a waterer like this all my life that I could use to stop chipping ice in the winter and would not make a mess in the corral.


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With 4 Model Cattle Waterer Drinkers to choose from you can customize your units to fit your situation.