Automatic Waterer Testimonials

Automatic Waterer Testimonials from satisfied customers and healthier livestock

We at Bar-Bar-A thank all our clients who have added just a few of their Automatic Waterer Testimonials to help other livestock lovers.

At the end of the day come rain, snow, or sleet my Bar-Bar-A is still working hard……

Automatic Waterer Testimonial from Utah

Veterinarian – Utah

When we put the cattle waterer in I had my doubts whether it would work in our severe climate. It has worked perfect. I have 25 calves that use it and the time saving is tremendous. I have been looking for a cattle waterer like this all my life that I could use to stop chipping ice in the winter and would not make a mess in the corral.

Dave- from Utah

This morning it was 4 degrees Fahrenheit.  I have 6 paddock/pastures with horse waterers.  The only horse waterer which was not frozen up was the Bar-Bar- A horse waterer.  The rest are electric units with heaters.  I am an equine veterinarian and also own a small horse breeding farm.  I will recommend your horse waterer to everyone.  As soon as I can, I will replace all my horse waterers.

Greg – Utah

When we put the waterer in I had my doubts whether it would work in our severe climate. It has worked perfect. I have 25 calves that use it and the time saving is tremendous. I have been looking for a waterer like this all my life that I could use to stop chipping ice in the winter and would not make a mess in the corral.

Automatic Waterer Testimonials from Illinois

Diana – Illinois

I can’t say enough about your horse waterers. This is the first summer without constantly filling tanks, growing algae, and during the past winter there were no more frozen hoses, frozen hands, electric heaters, etc.  Should have installed them years ago.  Finest waterer on the market. The goat loves it!

Automatic Waterer Testimonials from New York

Bobbi – New York

I found out about your guys on a train ride.  On board was a famous horseman.  He said your horse waterer unit was the best on the market.  He had your brochure with him but would not give it to me.  Now I own one and love it and my horses have only fresh water.  One day I tried a bucket just for fun and they did not want anything to do with it.

Jeff – Nevada

It took my Bison no time at all to figure the new Bar-Bar-A buffalo waterers out. They immediately refused their standing watering tank and went directly to the Bar-Bar-A and started drinking.  I would not believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes.

Automatic Waterer Testimonials from Colorado

Pamela – from Colorado

Hi,   we finally got our horse drinker installed.  I wanted to tell you that we celebrated with a glass of wine, and a bet to see who had the smartest horse.  I won of course, but that is beside the point.  We are so please with our horse drinker.   It is so nice to see the horses have clean water all the time, and it works perfectly.  We have had some of our friends really impressed with it, so if you see more sales in Colorado you’ll know why.  We would highly recommend this to anyone.

Just to let you know, we took all the water sources away, just like you suggested.  We were splashing in the water, playing in it showing the horses where the water was.  They are always quite curious.  I actually have a progressive photo of my boyfriend getting ” his” first drink.

I wanted to tell you also,   I was nervous that my mare wouldn’t drink out of it.  It was at the end of the day and I hadn’t seen her drink yet.  I went out the next day with all kinds of plans if she wasn’t drinking.   I was there for about 5 minutes and there she was drinking.  She had it all under control.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, it’s the greatest thing ever!

Lynn – Colorado

We have had a very cold winter here in Massachusetts. The horse drinker worked out great. I have draft horses and they are tough on the unit. I have one with cleated shoes that paws at the horse drinker on occasion. The drinker is tough and shows no sign of wear.

Automatic Waterer Testimonials from Massachusetts

Dave – Massachusetts

You know how much we appreciate the 3 horse drinkers we installed in our pastures a little over a year ago.  Our farm service agent was at first skeptical as to how and whether they would work.  So glad we insisted and purchased your product.  No electricity to run, carefree use and once the horses figured it they prefer it.  In fact, they often wait until turnout time to use the horse drinkers rather than the barn buckets!   I wanted to wait to write until the drinkers were tested through a New Jersey winter and summer and they performed as you describe.  Now we are so spoiled using them, we anticipate purchasing a couple more in the near future for stall use.  Feel free to use me as a reference.   

Automatic Waterer Testimonials from New Jersey

Eloise – New Jersey

We installed one of your automatic horse waterers in our horse paddock last summer and it is a true all-season horse waterer.   All the horses learned how to use it fairly quickly and they really enjoy the cool, fresh water.  We are enjoying not having to drag hoses out to our horse troughs, not having to scrub algae in the summer and not needing an electric stock tank heater in the winter.    Even our plumber who installed it likes it better than that other “famous” brand that is more expensive, and he should know, because in addition to being a plumber, he owns livestock.  I think we may be one of your first customers in southeast Pennsylvania, but we’re telling all our friends about it, so you may be seeing more orders from our neck of the woods!

Automatic Waterer Testimonials from Pennsylvania

Susan- from Pennsylvania

I have been extremely thrilled with the drinker we installed this past fall for our school of agricultural.  I first heard of these sheep waterers from my father who is using them with sheep on my parent’s farm.  He says that your sheep unit works great for his sheep.  I would like to install our second and third sheep waterers for our rotational grazing pasture for the sheep at the school.


Gail – Pennsylvania

Just wanted to say I am completely satisfied!  We live in eastern Pennsylvania on the Mason-Dixon line.    After carrying buckets for a couple of months I decided I had better do something!  I installed the Bar-Bar-A myself in November.  The winter is almost over, we had a bitter cold stretch in February and I never had a bit of trouble with it!  I wipe it out once in a while but it is virtually maintenance free!  I would recommend it to anyone (in fact I have done so to my neighbors)! Thanks for making my life easy!

Matt- Pennsylvania

Thank you so much for the Bar-Bar- A horse waterer.  It has absolutely saved us!  We inherited a thoroughbred horse farm with terrible water problems.  For years we carried water, broke ice and constantly emptied and refilled water troughs.  After seeing your ad on RFD TV, I bought one horse waterer to try.  The horses learned to drink immediately and I’ve never carried another bucket of water.  Since then, I bought two more horse waterers for other paddocks. I also purchased an extra Bar-Bar-A to be ready for future paddocks.  I don’t know anyone in the Kentucky thorougbred industry that I haven’t told about my Bar-Bar-A.  Thank you so much!   

Automatic Waterer Testimonials from Kentucky

Sandra-  Kentucky

I would like to add a horse drinker testimonial.
I live in N. Idaho and installed the horse drinker in early October. Previously my horses were on leased land with a pond so I didn’t have to worry about their water.  I have solar panels for my home current, so an electric heater was out of the question, as anything that heats or cools takes too much energy.  The horses learned quickly how to use the waterer and I haven’t had to worry about hauling water or chipping ice. One of my horses is 25, so I wanted to make sure he was getting all the water he needs without reducing his body temperature from drinking ice cold water.  It’s everything I hoped it would be. Thanks for thinking up this great product.

Automatic Waterer Testimonials from Idaho

Susan –  Idaho

I love dressage and when I think back when I built my facility I believe buying the Bar-Bar-A was the most economic and time saving decision I made.  I tell everyone about it.

Automatic Waterer Testimonials from Mayland

Shari- Maryland

I am impressed that the water tastes better for the horses because there is no standing water to collect algae. The horses drink more and that makes healthier horses. I have owned other automatic waterers and you have to scrub the algae every week so that the water doesn’t taste bad. With the Bar-Bar-A it’s easy. The water is always there. It’s a never ending bucket……and it’s clean!

Automatic Waterer Testimonials from Canada

Margaret – Canada

We now have 18 llamas on the unit.  Most of them learned it by watching the 3 guys we trained earlier.  Llama see-llama do!

Norma – Canada

The system is great, we had a tough winter and all is well.  My husband did a great job of installing the unit.  The animals got on to it quickly and we have told everyone that will listen as to how great it is.

Thanks again.

Dave – Canada

It’s been great with no problems. I have 9 horses in 3 adjoining pastures using one drinker placed on the fence line. The temperature is 27 degrees below zero here this morning.”

Automatic Waterer Testimonials from Norway

Hello Bar-Bar-A. We installed the Bar-Bar-A horse drinker and WE LOVE IT !  In January the temperature got down to 32 below freezing, the drinker worked perfectly.  It was especially helpful when my husband got cancer. Being pregnant at the time and having to care for a sick husband this unit was a real blessing when I did not have to chop ice and one less chore to worry about not to mention the electric bill.

Bente-  Norway

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