Automatic Waterer Installation

Automatic Waterer Installation Instructions

Installation of the automatic waterer system is straight forward and our installation team is always close by to answer questions or give advice concerning specific needs. The unit may be installed in pastures or barns and can even be installed to service 2 stalls or multiple pastures.

There are two different installation methods. The method used will correspond to your climate and area.

How to install a horse drinker download PDF here

Automatic Waterer Drinker Moderate Climate Installation


How to install a horse drinker download PDF here


Automatic Waterer Drinker Extreme Climate Installation


Moderate Climate Automatic Waterer Installation Method

The moderate climate method is for frost lines that that are 3 feet or less. The majority of areas use this method. Digging the hole is the most difficult part of the installation. A backhoe makes short work of digging the hole but a shovel is just as effective.

Things needed for Moderate Climate Installation: gravel for the drain field, fittings to connect your water line with our ½ inch poly pipe, a pipe sleeve to encase the drinker, and pea size gravel to fill between the pipe sleeve and the drinker. Lastly, you will need landscape or tar paper to cover the drain field. This prevents soil from contaminating the gravel. (See above graphic)

Extreme Climate Automatic Waterer Installation Method

This method is used for frost lines deeper than 3 feet. Areas like Minnesota, Wisconsin, Vermont, the Dakotas, and many parts of Canada use this method. The main difference between the two methods is that a deeper hole is needed. Digging deeper brings warmer air that can travel upward into the crucial valve area. As a result, used tires are utilized to fill in the space made by digging deeper and to act as a conduit to disperse the up-flow of warm air. The unit sets on the tires and the tires are left hollow. The top tire needs to be a 13” or 14” tire. The other tires may be any size.

Things Needed for Extreme Climate Installation: same materials as the moderate climate installation but in addition you will need 2-5 used tires and bubble foil insulation to wrap the pipe sleeve 2 or 3 times. (See above graphic)

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