About Bar-Bar-A

About Bar-Bar-A Horse Waterer Drinker Origin and Profile

About Bar-Bar-A story from the beginning continuing to our 25 year history with automatic waterer testimonials.

How we got started


Frank Frodsham Bar-Bar-A Horse Waterer Drinker Inventor

Over 25 years ago inventor Frank Frodsham had 3 horses that wouldn’t eat or drink. He had just recently installed the latest automatic electric heated waterer. He called the veterinarian and after arriving he couldn’t determine what was wrong. While gathering his things to leave he stuck his finger into the electric waterer and got SHOCKED!  The electric waterer had been shocking the horses every time they tried to drink.  The horses were severely dehydrated.

Frank immediately pulled the plug on the horse waterer drinker and went to the workshop to build a better automatic livestock waterer drinker and the Bar-Bar-A was born. That first horse waterer drinker proto-type horse waterer drinker is still in use today!

Company Values

Today the Bar-Bar-A has evolved into a company that produces products that are friendly to animals, the environment, and to you. These three entities are the foundation of our business philosophy. As we continue to manufacture and promote innovations for you and your animals we strive for excellence using our foundational philosophy.

The results lead to products that enhance the health of the animal, are durable and tough, easy to maintain, and affordable to you.

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