Automatic Waterer Drinker

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The automatic waterer drinker our competitors don’t want you to know about!  

And Here’s Why……..


Automatic Waterer Drinker

Our philosophy here at the Bar-Bar-A  is that water and electricity don’t mix. Add a horse into the equation and you can imagine the potential for danger and problems.

The reason we do not need electricity for our livestock water feeders is that there is no standing water in the unit. The unit is either filling or draining.  As a result there is no water left to freeze in the winter or get scalding hot in the summer. With no standing water there is no possibility for slimy algae growth. This means that you don’t have the weekly cleaning of algae found in horse tanks and even other automatic animal waterers.


Automatic waterer drinker still working at -22 Degrees

One of the main purposes of purchasing an automatic waterer drinker is to limit the amount of work in watering your animals. Why buy an automatic waterer drinker just so you can clean algae every week from stagnant water?


Bar-Bar-A has been successfully watering horses the easy way for over 25 years. Horses learn quickly and have ready access to fresh water. In the summertime hot water in traditional automatic waterer drinker, tanks, or buckets, limit water consumption.  Decreased water consumption results in more trips to the Vet and limited mental and body function.  

In the winter animals have the same problem of proper water consumption with the standing water exposed to the icy frigid air.  Because the source water for our units comes from a buried water line, the temperature of the water is consistent.  In the winter the water is much warmer than standing water and in the summer the water is much cooler. 

Whether you are in the hot hill country of Texas or the frosty New York Adirondacks, Bar-Bar-A gives your horses what they need- Clean, Fresh, Water at the right temperature-  and all this without  algae and without electricity.

Horses– enjoy fresh tasting water without all the algae that can grow in stagnant standing water. From 4 models to choose from you can customize to fit your situation.

Happy Watering With Your Very Own Automatic Horse Waterer Drinker System.

And…. Electric Blackouts and You’re Still in Business

See the most popular horse waterer drinker system the Non-Electric Automatic Waterer drinker system from Bar-Bar-A with over 25 Years of Successful Livestock Watering.

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